Inter, Inzaghi: Great team response, but we only focus on ourselves

Inter Milan’s coach, Simone Inzaghi, has expressed his views following the match against Udinese. In an interview with Sky Sport, Inzaghi praised his players for their remarkable performance.

“Gorgeous goals were scored, the boys played excellently,” he said. He also admitted that he was apprehensive ahead of the match, stating that despite Udinese’s current position at the bottom of the league, they are a strong team that previously managed a win at San Siro against Milan. The coach highlighted his team’s ability to maintain a consistent performance throughout the match.

When questioned about their response in context of the ongoing championship, Inzaghi emphasised the importance of focusing on their own team’s performance rather than getting distracted by other teams’ progress. He said the team had played an excellent game and credited the results to the hard work put in by the players since July 13. “The results are helping, but we must continue in this direction,” he insisted.

The full interview with Simone Inzaghi can be found on the original source’s website.

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