Inter and Juve cruise to victory, Milan at risk of draw, and historic Lazio-Roma derby.

Serie A, the precedents of matchday 12: numbers and statistics of the weekend’s matches. What stories do the precedents of matchday 12 of Serie A contain? Here, match by match, the most interesting events and statistics of the round that will unfold between today, Saturday and Sunday.

“Sassuolo-Salernitana – Will Inzaghi’s team be able to score at least one goal? So far, in the previous two occasions, they have never succeeded and have returned to Salerno burdened with a total of 6 goals against,” says the coach of Salernitana.

“Genoa-Verona – Genoa has a favorable tradition, but lately there have been two exciting draws: 2-2 and 3-3. The question is: Will Gilardino and Baroni be satisfied with moving up the table today?” ask the fans.

“Lecce-Milan – It’s true that the Salentini have only won once in 17 matches. But that doesn’t mean that things are going well for the Rossoneri, given the frequency of draws: 9. Including the last match, which ended 2-2,” states Milan’s coach.

“Juventus-Cagliari – In the ’70s it was a balanced and top-level challenge. But Causio or Riva, for example, two scorers of a 1-1 during that time, are simple and competent spectators. Juventus has opened a sequence of 6 consecutive victories and wants to extend it to sleep at the top of the table on Saturday night,” reports a Juventus official.

“Monza-Torino – Only one previous meeting, but historic. Because Monza-Torino was the first Serie A match for the Brianza team. They lost 1-2, but since then many things have changed, including the fact that today they have one more point than Torino,” says a Monza representative.

“Napoli-Empoli – Napoli has 7 victories, 2 for the visitors and only one draw. Garcia is asked to do like Spalletti. In this case, follow his winning one from last year, two years ago even Luciano slipped on the banana peel of his former team,” a Napoli supporter comments.

“Fiorentina-Bologna – A match rich in history and with heated rivalry. Fiorentina has good precedents: adding up draws and victories of the visiting team, doesn’t reach the number of wins of the home team,” states a Bologna fan.

“Udinese-Atalanta – As often happens with Atalanta’s numbers, under Gasperini’s management, the statistics have started to rebalance. And if the overall data is favorable to Udinese and not just a little, their victory has been missing for 6 years,” says an Udinese supporter.

“Lazio-Roma – In the derbies played at Lazio’s home, the balance is almost total: 27 wins for Lazio, just as many draws, 2 fewer victories for Roma. However, lately it’s the Curva Nord celebrating, with 3 consecutive wins. Seeing how far the two teams are from the top, it seems like we’ve been plunged into another century, the ’60s, when the only thing at stake was city supremacy and nothing else,” adds a Lazio fan.

“Inter-Frosinone – Just like the opening match of the day, this one also has a one-sided script, with 2 previous encounters and a total of 7-0 in favor of Inter. If Soulé and his teammates manage to even score a goal, it will be a significant novelty,” concludes an Inter supporter.

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