Insigne: My future is good in Toronto and my contract will end there

Lorenzo Insigne, the Toronto attacker, has spoken in Naples, following an award from Coni (the Italian National Olympic Committee) for his team’s triumphant win in Euro2020.

Insigne has voiced his optimism about his former team, Napoli, stating that “Napoli will play a great match and will reach the qualification because we deserve it”. This statement came when he was speaking in Naples, beside receiving an award from Coni for Euro2020 victory.

Speaking about his own future, the Toronto striker indicated that he was content with his current club saying “my future? I’m fine in Toronto and that’s where my contract will end”. There was no indication of any immediate plans to move away from the Canadian side.

Insigne also shared his thoughts on the recent struggles of his former teammate at Napoli, expressing empathy for his situation. He stated, “dispiace, because I’ve been through it too. He needs to stay calm and they need to leave him alone. He is Napoli’s diamond tip. He is a player who has a lot of quality, we need to stand by him”. Insigne urged fans to continue supporting the player.

Insigne’s affectionate bond with Napoli and its fans seems to remain unbroken as he further added “the fans know how to behave and they will help him”. Despite his own career path taking him across the Atlantic to Toronto, it appears that Insigne keeps a keen eye on the situation at his former club, showing support and offering advice.

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