Injuries in Bologna: Karlsson and Ndoye’s condition updates

In Bologna FC, there have been significant developments regarding the team’s current injury situation, particularly with forwards Ndoye and Karlsson. As reported by Bologna, the players underwent a training session led by head coach Thiago Motta.

The club stated, “Two days before the match in Florence, the team carried out a tactical session with shooting drills.” Bologna’s footballers Dan Ndoye and Jesper Karlsson have different training schemes due to the current circumstances. Ndoye is reported to be undergoing therapy while Karlsson is said to be on a different training regimen.

The nature of their injuries remains undisclosed by the management, and it is unclear when exactly the two forwards will return to full capacity in the training field. This situation undeniably exerts more pressure on Motta’s squad, as they continue their preparation for the forthcoming match in Florence.

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