Igli Tare leaves Lazio not because of Sarri, seeks new experiences

Former Lazio director, Igli Tare, has opened up about his life at the Italian football club and his aspirations for the future career in a recent interview with Corriere della Sera. Currently out of a job, he thinks of this period as an opportunity to study and catch up with the thriving world of football.

In the interview, Tare has stated, “I travel a lot, study, update myself, because if you don’t, you risk falling behind and not understanding the football world anymore.” He believes that the English Premier League is a high benchmark for other football leagues, but he reveals his admiration for Germany as well, stating, “In addition to Bayern Munich, what Bayer Leverkusen has done is incredible; a great coach, Xabi Alonso, an extremely organized club, exceptional infrastructures.”

Tare, however, seeks to clarify that his exit from Lazio was not because of Maurizio Sarri. He said, “Absolutely not. A lot has been written on this point, but it wasn’t like that. After 18 years, it was time to part ways civilly, without any tear.” Tare added that leaving Lazio wasn’t easy as the club is dear to his heart, but he felt the need to explore and acquaint himself with other football realities.

The former director refutes claims suggesting that he and Maurizio Sarri, had a fall out. He describes Sarri as someone who has his unique way of understanding football and work, which sometimes makes things difficult, but confirms they never clashed. He confessed, “After so many years, you feel the need to see other worlds.”

In regards to his future, he is still waiting for the right offer, denying any contact with Napoli. He noted that while financial offerings are important, the projects of a club matter too.

Tare also expressed admiration for Simone Inzaghi’s development and remarked, “He was predestined: spending all day studying football. It was normal for him to improve.”

Regarding the Italy-Albania match, Tare mentioned the strong connections shared between Albanians and Italians. He stated that he would be cheering three quarters for Albania and a quarter for Italy, highlighting the strong and deep-rooted relationship between the two nations. He also cautioned Italy about the growing strength of the Albanian team. Tare was however confident that the Italian coach, Luciano Spalletti, is fully prepared and would not be caught off guard.

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