Huijsen’s Future at Juventus Contingent on Thiago Motta’s Crucial Role as Price Set by Giuntoli

The future of Huijsen at Juventus appears to be in a state of uncertainty.

According to Tuttosport, the young Spanish defender, who was born in 2005, is eager to take on a more prominent role in the team and is unwilling to settle for being the fifth-choice defender.

Cristiano Giuntoli, Juventus’ sporting director, has reportedly set the price for Huijsen, sparking interest from several clubs looking to bolster their defensive options with young talent.

A key figure in this transfer saga could be Thiago Motta, who is expected to play a crucial role in determining Huijsen’s future.

“Thiago Motta will have a significant influence on what happens next for the lad,” an unnamed source revealed to Tuttosport.

Rumours suggest that Motta might intervene to ensure that the promising defender receives the opportunities he seeks, whether at Juventus or elsewhere.

The coming weeks are set to be decisive as both the club and the player weigh their options, with several teams keenly watching the developments closely.

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