Hernandez to be Sold by Milan; Price Set for Two Major Clubs

AC Milan could be set to consider a transfer for Theo Hernandez, amidst the club’s ongoing financial deliberations.

According to reports from *Calcio e Finanza*, a significant offer for the French full-back could soon land at Casa Milan.

Theo Hernandez is currently caught in a tug-of-war between a contract renewal and a possible departure, fuelled by the volatile transfer market situation.

Bayern Munich have reportedly taken an interest in the dynamic left-back.

“Hernandez’s future remains uncertain, and a lucrative bid might be too tempting for Milan to refuse,” asserted an insider source speaking to *Calcio e Finanza*.

The evaluation of his potential transfer is influenced by the club’s need to balance their books and achieve possible capital gains.

With Milan’s finances under scrutiny, selling Hernandez could provide the necessary funds to reinvest in the squad.

This speculation comes at a time when the club aims to optimise both on-pitch performances and financial stability.

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