Happy Birthday to… Kwadwo Asamoah

Today marks the 35th birthday of Serie A veteran Kwadwo Asamoah. Asamoah, who has played for Udinese, Juventus, and Inter, is remembered for his impressive and versatile performances on the pitch. Despite his age, spectators and fans can not help but subscribe to a pang of nostalgia at the thought of seeing him back in action.

Asamoah’s most recent project has been the establishment of a Juventus Football Academy in Accra. Italian consul Massimiliano Colasuonno Taricone explained the impact of this initiative, “It is not only Ghana’s attempt to establish itself as a leader in African football, but also a project aimed at uniting education with sport”.

Asamoah seamlessly transitioned from Udinese to Juventus, maintaining his proficient performances on the pitch. His spectacular performance in the Supercoppa finale against Napoli, where he scored a sensational goal, is a highlight of his career.

Asamoah spent six seasons in Turin, each one marked by victories and contributions of varying degrees. Upon deciding to leave the club for a new adventure at Inter, Asamoah shared a farewell letter similar to love letters penned in romantic tales. He said, “There are no words to describe how difficult it was to make this decision because I am immensely proud of the years I have spent here and to have been a part of Juventus.”

Asamoah came to Inter with an eager spirit and a desire to push his skills. He reflected on his past performances in an interview with Calcio News 24, stating his gratitude for Juventus, its winning mentality and his aspirations for Inter’s future.

However, his time at Inter was not without challenges. His playtime dwindled under Antonio Conte’s management and was further hampered by a series of physical issues.

Asamoah’s career move to Cagliari also faced obstacles. However, he handled it in his typical diplomatic manner, displaying considerable respect towards everyone and refraining from any form of recrimination. He expressed his sentiments about Inter saying, “Everyone at Inter has always treated me well, the company, my teammates, they have always supported me,” Asamoah said in an interview, as reported by Calcio News 24.

Recently, Asamoah shared his perspective on the ongoing championship in an interview with Calciomercato.it. He pointed out Napoli, Milan and especially Inter as the teams best equipped for the title, although he doesn’t see Juventus falling far behind. His unique observation could be attributed to his first-hand experience under the coaching of Massimiliano Allegri, whom he has often praised for significantly improving his game.

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