Happy Birthday to… Amato Ciciretti

Celebrations are in order as creative Italian footballer Amato Ciciretti turns 30 today. Known for his flamboyant footballing style, numerous tattoos and enduring love for the game, Ciciretti has indeed made his mark on the field, playing for 13 different teams during his career.

His talent was notably showcased at Pordenone. As per the club’s official statement upon signing Ciciretti from Napoli, they praised the athlete’s class and impressive ball skills. They expressed appreciation for his versatility, capable of playing as an attacking playmaker or winger, as well as his significant experience. However, his stint with Pordenone was followed by a move to Ascoli.

Despite being a part of Ascoli for a single season, Ciciretti then returned to the spot where he reached the pinnacle of his career – Benevento. With this club, he achieved promotion from Serie C to Serie A, scoring the first goal in the top tier league, thus etching his name in the football history books.

During his Benevento days, his agent Vincenzo Pisacane spoke to Sky Sport, suggesting that Ciciretti was ready for the Serie A. “He has learned from his past mistakes and has set his mind right,” Pisacane proclaimed. He refused to name companies interested in the star, stating that Benevento was financially well-off and had no necessity to sell. He confirmed that Ciciretti would remain with Benevento, with whom he was happy to play, unless sold.

Scoring a brilliant free-kick goal in Juventus vs Benevento, Ciciretti’s intriguing talent did not go unnoticed. There was significant chatter around his move to Inter Milan, as he was the potential target of Walter Sabatini for his club Salernitana.

Reacting to increasing speculations, the witch’s mister, Roberto De Zerbi, expressed annoyance over the assumptions. De Zerbi revealed that the club asked for a player with Ciciretti’s characteristics due to his contract expiry in June. He said that everyone pursues their interest – agents, clubs, and so on. “I have the club and the team’s interests at heart. I will only play Ciciretti if he stays focused. If not, I will opt for someone better in terms of psychological condition. I don’t want to keep anyone who wants to leave,” he warned.

Ciciretti did indeed leave during that session, bidding farewell to his adoring fans. Greeting them as “Your Gordo,” he thanked everyone for their affection and support and wished them good luck. He was then signed by Napoli, which loaned him to Parma, leading to a relegation.

Despite never getting to play for Napoli, Ciciretti recently justified his decision to join the club. He stated, “At that age, if a significant company made an offer, I would do exactly the same thing.” He added that there was a proposal from La Liga, a championship where those with good feet are not humiliated by tactical traps.

As he turns 30, can Amato Ciciretti still turn the tide? Yet to be seen in action lately Benevento due to physical issues, only time will tell if the gifted athlete still has a few tricks up his sleeve. And as the saying goes, tomorrow is another year, everything can change.

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