Griezmann: Atletico will be my last European team, then MLS

Atletico Madrid’s forward, Antoine Griezmann, has opened up about his future at the club and beyond in a recent interview with As.

“I know the club is willing to make an effort and we will talk about it. Beyond this, I am interested in MLS. However, Atletico will almost certainly be my last club in Europe. It’s where I want to be, where I am happiest, and where I feel at home,” Griezmann said.

Noting that the club is supportive of his decision, Griezmann suggested that conversations about his future at Atletico Madrid will be ongoing. The forward also clarified his interest in the Major League Soccer (MLS) for the future, implying that he might be looking at a possible move across the Atlantic once his European journey comes to a close.

Griezmann’s assertion that Atletico will “almost certainly” be his last club in Europe is a notable commitment to the Spanish club where he has found success and personal happiness. He expressed a sense of belonging and contentment in his current place, which may reassure the club and its fans about his devotion.

Nevertheless, it remains unclear when Griezmann might consider making the shift to MLS, or which teams in the US league he might be considering. His comments have sparked speculation, but the player has yet to give a clear indication of his future itinerary.

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