Graziani: Vlahovic knows he’s no longer at the centre of Juventus project

Former footballer Francesco Graziani has spoken out about Dusan Vlahovic’s challenging period at Juventus. Graziani’s comments were picked up by Sportface.

Discussing Vlahovic, Graziani said, “From what I know of Dusan, he is someone who needs calm and tranquillity, he does not play with ease. He now knows that he is no longer at the heart of Juventus’ plans, despite them having spent a huge amount of money to buy him.”

He also addressed Juventus’ head coach Massimiliano Allegri in his statement. Graziani urged Allegri to give Vlahovic peace of mind and assurance, as he believes the player no longer feels secure in his role at the club.

This sentiment is reflected in Vlahovic’s decision to not take a penalty, demonstrating his lack of confidence.

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