Gravina: This will be the year of reform, Italian football to be revitalized through European Championship, Growth Decree and Super League

In an in-depth interview with Italian daily ‘Il Foglio’, the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) President spoke extensively about various aspects of Italian football, including the Super League, Growth Decree, and the Euro 2032.

Starting with the Growth Decree, the FIGC President expressed doubts over its effectiveness in facilitating financial relief for professional football clubs. He stated that “On this matter, the FIGC always believed that the Growth Decree was the wrong mechanism to provide economic benefits to professional clubs”. He revealed that he and minister Abodi are working together on multiple dossiers to boost Italian football. However, he recognised the Government and the Parliament as the main entities in dealing with the sensitive issues linked to the sport. He suggested a mutual pact between football and politics by 2024 to enable Italian football to maximise its potential in the national interest.

When asked about the Super League, he admitted the lack of sufficient cooperation to launch the project, and reinforced his long-held belief that everyone was entitled to their own choices referring to the Juventus team as well. He emphasised that “international organisations and national federations are also free to act according to their own rules to safeguard their competitions.”

In light of the upcoming Euro 2032 and the ongoing stadium issue, he stated that Italy’s historical inertia over infrastructure was a hurdle. He revealed a partnership with the Turkish Federation, which has bought an additional three years’ time for identifying at least five stadiums.

Regarding the expected reforms, he said that it would be a year of change and promised several propositions ready for the table. He explained the importance of the clubs’ interrelationship with coaches and players, economic sustainability and youth chain valorisation, implying they were crucial to the future of Italian football. He urged every component of Italian football to take a step back in order to make a collective leap forward.

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