Gravina: “2024 Will Be the Year of Reform. The Growth Decree Was a Wrong Tool”

Gabriele Gravina, president of the Italian Football Federation (FIGC), has shared his views on a range of topics in an interview with Italian newspaper Il Foglio.

Gravina states, “2024 will be the year of reform. The path is set out.” He clarified that these reforms are not only in the realm of championships but also pertain to novel laws about ‘living together.’

So, what are these new rules that the president of the federation highlights? He outlines, “Economic sustainability, the relationship between clubs, players, and coaches, and the promotion of the youth sector.”

Regarding the Growth Decree, a piece of legislation purported to provide economic benefits to professional clubs, he asserts, “We have always believed it was the wrong tool for granting economic advantages to professional clubs. Together with Minister Abodi, we are addressing all the dossiers.”

Fig: Twitter FIGC

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