Torino Have Sky-High Expectations for Buongiorno

AC Milan are making every effort to recruit Torino centre-back Buongiorno during the winter transfer window.

According to Torino, they are not keen to part ways with Buongiorno despite the advances of Milan. This information has been reportedly obtained from Milan News 24, where it was emphasized that Milan has a particular interest in Torino’s vice-captain.

However, as indicated by Tuttosport, securing the defender may prove to be a hefty undertaking. Estimates suggest that a minimum of 35 to 40 million Euros will be necessary. This large sum, for now, remains a stumbling block to initiating any serious negotiations.

Despite the apparent impasse due to the considerable figure involved, all is not lost. Discussions are likely to ramp up in the summer and the Rossoneri are hopeful of bringing down Torino’s demands. Moreover, as part of the deal, Milan is possibly considering including Colombo from their roster.

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