Giuntoli: Transfer Market? Juventus is Doing Fine As It Is

Cristiano Giuntoli, Juventus’s Football Director, spoke about the team’s transfer market strategy ahead of the Juventus Salernitana match, in an interview with Mediaset.

Giuntoli discussed Juventus’s approach to the transfer market, stating, “In terms of numerical needs, I wouldn’t say we have many. Those who are missing have been missing for a few months. The boys, like Nicolussi, Iling and Miretti, have shown their strength. We have a strong squad and the coach is happy; we are doing extraordinary things with the boys and the staff. We are working heads down. At this moment there are no opportunities.”

The director expressed satisfaction with the current team roster, highlighting the performances of players Nicolussi, Iling and Miretti, and did not indicate any immediate plans for new player acquisitions. Insisting that they were focused on the current campaign and the development of the team, he stated that there were no imminent opportunities in sight.

The full interview can be found on JUVENTUSNEWS24.

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