Giuntoli: “Juve needs to be brought back to its deserving place. We aim to achieve significant things”

Cristiano Giuntoli, Sporting Director of Juventus, has shared his vision for the future of the club at the Sport Festival. Speaking from the podium at the Festival, Giuntoli discussed his plans for Juventus’ future.

“With Juve at the top – a time gone by would be limiting, and we don’t want any limits. We strive each day to do the right things to bring Juve back to where it belongs.”

He spoke about the team’s DNA. “There’s a culture of hard work. I have found capable collaborators who have made me feel at ease. There’s a club that wants to achieve great things, thinking that every day gives us a brick to build a house. The great mentality, the force to bring the team back to where it belongs, we must continue and nurture this.”

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