Ghion’s Agent: He’s taken correct steps to carve his niche in A next year

Lorenzo Lazzari, the agent of Sassuolo-owned player Andrea Ghion, currently on loan to Catanzaro, revealed future plans for his client in a recent interview with Sportitalia.

Lazzari spoke highly of Ghion and his current team, Catanzaro, commending their impressive performances in the Serie B this season. He attributed their ongoing success, in part, to their coach, Vivarini, calling their play “almost perfect”.

Ghion, who celebrates his 23rd birthday this year, is viewed by Lazzari as having a pivotal role in Catanzaro’s successes. “He and the entire Catanzaro team are having an extraordinary season”, Lazzari stated, “They’re the most entertaining team in the whole Serie B, thanks in large part to their coach Vivarini. It’s a near-perfect machine where Ghion plays a significant role.”

Lazzari also touched upon the relative perception of age in football. In Italy, a player of Ghion’s age is still considered young, while in some other countries, they might be seen as almost old. Yet, according to Lazzari, Ghion’s progressive steps in his career align him in a prime position to carve his own space in the Serie A next year.

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