Gervasoni Admits Bastoni’s Foul Was a Mistake, Comments on Nasca

Former referee Gervasoni has voiced his opinion about a controversial moment during the Inter-Verona match on DAZN’s Open Var. The contentious incident involved Inter’s Bastoni and Verona’s Duda, with the former not being penalised for a perceived foul on the latter.

Gervasoni dissected the contentious incident in Milan to understand why there was no intervention. He conveyed his firm belief that it was, indeed, a missed call.

Gervasoni said, “We will analyze the incident in Milan to understand the lack of intervention. Was it a mistake? Absolutely yes.” He revealed plans to liaise with Var Nasca to unravel if Bastoni’s tackle could be interpreted as a “body check”, and if Bastoni deliberately struck his opposition defender with his body. These quotes were extracted from his statements made during the Open Var discussion on DAZN.

He further implied the need for clearer regulations and guidance for referees dealing with such complex incidents on the field. Gervasoni’s comments underscore the ongoing debate about the effectiveness and application of VAR protocols in the sport.

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