Gatti’s father speaks: Djokovic’s hunger and Scirea’s grit

Ludovico Gatti, father of Juventus central midfielder Federico Gatti, recently sat down with Tuttosport to discuss his son’s past, present, and future. He touched upon topics such as Federico’s idols, dreams, and objectives in football.

Looking back at Federico’s journey, Ludovico Gatti shared some intimate details. “I saw Camarda debut in Serie A at 15; my son was not quite mature at his age. He was born as a striker and then different stages in his football journey have seen him regress. However, he has always had this extraordinary desire to succeed, even when he was playing in Promozione. He even contemplated moving to the United States or Malta to start afresh and live his dream of playing football,” Gatti said in the interview.

Federico has a high regard for Djokovic according to his father. Ludovico Gatti quoted, “He admires Djokovic’s hunger for victory; he’s never satisfied.”

Ludovico Gatti also touched upon Federico’s perceived reputation as a ‘bad boy’ in the sport. “Even someone like Scirea, who was a pillar of Italian football, sometimes had to use strong manners in the field. But everything ended there. Today there are many cameras, but I believe Federico’s ferocity on the pitch comes from his amateur years: when you find someone stronger, you do everything to stop him,” he explained.

The conversation was a clear reflection of Federico Gatti’s resolve to excel in football, his admiration for sports figures beyond football, and the robust playing style he has adopted from his early footballing days.

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