Galtier fully acquitted, prosecution abandons appeal

French Manager, Christophe Galtier, has been fully acquitted following allegations of racism. The announcement was made by the prosecutor’s office in Nice.

They further confirmed that they will not be appealing against Galtier’s acquittal, thereby foregoing their demand for a 12-month prison sentence and fine for the current Al-Duhail manager.

Galtier’s legal team responded to the decision. They expressed that, “This decision by the prosecutor’s office not to appeal against the acquittal definitively closes this case.” The source remained anonymous, however, they went on to say that, “it confirms the defamatory nature of the accusations made against Christophe Galtier, who is definitively rehabilitated.”

This decision has confirmed that Galtier is free from the charges that had been previously laid against him, providing closure to what has been a contentious issue in the football community.

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