Galtier begins racism trial: Todibo’s accusations revealed

The trial against French football manager Galtier has commenced following allegations of racism, with a recent revelation about his interactions with player Todibo being reported by French publication Le Parisien.

According to the report, Galtier explained his conversation with the player in his office. He revealed that he had discussed the management of fasting on match days with him, fully aware of Todibo being a strict Muslim.

Galtier is quoted as saying, “We met in my office and I spoke to him about managing his fasting on match days. He is a devout Muslim, of this I was aware.”

Mutually respectful, Todibo responded by advising on the measures he had personally taken to remain as efficient as possible. He told the manager that he had employed a personal chef who took all necessary precautions to maintain his physical condition.

The French manager is reported to have further touched upon a controversial incident that had labelled him as ‘King Kong’. Galtier clarified his stance by stating, “For me, King Kong is synonymous with strength and power”, hinting at a positive interpretation on his part.

This ongoing case has stirred significant attention within the football community as it digs into the complex intersection of religion, race, and sportsmanship in football.

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