Galderisi: Milik’s 3 Goals Aren’t a Fluke, Allegri Has Fostered a Team Where Everyone Counts

In an interview on the radio show “Tutti convocati”, Juventus former star player Giuseppe Galderisi chimed in on the team’s recent victory over Frosinone in the Coppa Italia. Galderisi, who was a youthful prodigy in the Juventus team coached by Giovanni Trapattoni in the ’80s, expressed his agreement with the choices of current coach Massimiliano Allegri.

Galderisi highlighted Allegri’s knack for valuing players based on talent and performance over age, specifically citing the rise of 18-year-old prodigy Yildiz. But his praise didn’t stop there.

“Right now, all the Juventus players are eager to give their contribution. It seems that there is a winning alchemy that manages to instill positivity into a team that previously was not so solid,” Galderisi expounded on the radio show.

He extolled how the team possesses a robust defensive line and always manages to find the right attacking plays.

He added, “The three goals [against Frosinone] from Milik may seem assured but they are not at all. Currently, whoever is playing is doing well, as was apparent with Vlahovic when he came on and changed the game. All in all, there’s a team context where everyone is 100% participating and everyone is ready because they know they are being considered.”

Galderisi’s comments seem to back Allegri’s tactics and it is clear that he sees a newfound positivity and vigour in the Juventus players that is translating into victories on the pitch.

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