Galatasaray’s Buruk Okan reportedly says Icardi will stay along with Mertens, while Zaniolo is valued but…

Buruk Okan, the manager of Galatasaray, has provided some intriguing updates on the club’s transfer market activities.

Okan addressed the club’s official channels to share insights about their future plans, particularly focusing on a crucial piece of news involving Mauro Icardi.

“I spoke with Icardi today,” Okan revealed, speaking directly to the club’s media team.

He continued, suggesting that there’s a positive atmosphere around the discussions. “He is in a great mood, and he is happy,” Okan said, offering a glimpse into the Argentine forward’s current state.

This statement will undoubtedly stir interest among Galatasaray fans, as Icardi’s future remains a topic of significant speculation and anticipation.

Stay tuned for more updates on Galatasaray’s transfer activities and player developments as the story unfolds.

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