Gabriele Infantino: Boteli likened to Eto’o, Ibra set as example to follow

Francesco Gabriele Infantino, an officer at the ASF in Switzerland, has discussed highly-rated young striker Boteli with Tuttosport. Boteli, born in 2006, is reportedly on the radar of Italian giants Juventus.

When making comparisons, Infantino was quoted as saying, “I would not compare him to Winsley. He’s a different player, not as physically strong, but very agile, quick, and nimble. When we speak about great African-born strikers, then I see more similarities with Eto’o. I’m talking about movement, physical characteristics, height and weight. Like these famous forwards, he shares their ability to finish, to score goals. Being at the right place, at the right time. He’s also a ruthless finisher which is essential for a striker.”

Discussing Boteli’s attributes, Infantino said, “Boteli isn’t short of personality or character. These are crucial factors if a player really wants to break through. He isn’t just a foot soldier who does his duty and nothing more. He certainly sticks to tasks and directives, but he knows how to take responsibility, how to best utilize his creativity, how to pull off surprise, effective moves. He works across the entire offensive line and presses when the ball is in the opponent’s possession, often dropping back to help the midfielders. He’s a complete attacker with temperament.”

He further added, “Who had these qualities? The emblematic example for me, the model to follow, is Ibrahimovic who even at 41 continued to fight like a lion and helped Milan win the league title in 2022. Maybe he wasn’t easy to manage, but he’s someone who always made the difference and knows all about sacrifice. A player’s behavior off the field, more than on it, is influenced by the environment around them. The family, relatives, the agent (note: Boteli, who’s contract expires in 2025, recently switched agents to Chris Mandiangu) and friends are important, but of course you have to keep the right company, otherwise things can get difficult.”

Regarding market rumors, Infantino stated that their philosophy at the Swiss Football Association is not to comment on transfer rumors. However, he did acknowledge his positive opinion on Boteli.

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