Gabri Veiga Reveals Turning Down Napoli Due to it Not Being the Right Place for Him

Spanish midfielder Gabri Veiga has opened up about his decision to make a move to Saudi Arabia at the expense of Napoli. Veiga communicated his thoughts to AS, revealing significant insights into his decision-making process.

He said, “Much like every transfer season, football teams have priority lists for different positions; the most important ones and those they need to reinforce. We did indeed receive interest from Napoli, an undoubtedly grand team, and I’ll keep repeating this. I was also attracted to their project, considering how significant it could have been within such a sizable club that participates in the Champions League.”

“However, in football, everything changes overnight, and there comes a point when the club’s perception of me shifts for various reasons. As a player, I thought, and still think, that it wasn’t the right place for me to feel important nor to get the playtime I believed I needed to keep growing after a season where I was significantly involved.”

He added, “At the end of the day, I consider myself a player who needs to feel important from the beginning. More so when moving to a new place, in this case, Saudi Arabia. I needed to feel important and be trusted. Unfortunately, this wouldn’t have happened at Napoli, but I harbour no ill will towards them. I wish them the best because I believe they are a grand club.”

“But I think I made the right decision to keep growing, as I have already stated,” Veiga concluded.

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