Frosinone’s Valeri Commits to Giving His Best as Coach

Emanuele Valeri, the newest addition to Frosinone’s team, opened up at his introductory press conference. He was joined by Guido Angelozzi, the executive of the club, who described the signing process of the former Cremonese left-back.

Angelozzi began, “We were on the lookout for a left-back, and we’ve done everything to bring in a game-changer. We initially thought of a young player, but realised that we needed more experience. Last year, Valeri was one of the best in Serie A, however, he couldn’t reach an agreement with his club due to some internal issues. I must thank Cremonese for agreeing to the transfer because of our good relations. Otherwise, he would have stayed there until June.”

With excitement, Valeri shared, “I’ve joined a fantastic team with a manager who has clear goals. I’m ready to give 100% and am grateful to the director for this opportunity. I’ll push the limits in every match then we’ll see how much playing time I’ll get.”

Valeri spoke of his future preparation and readiness at the club, “I’m ready to play from the get-go if the manager wants me on from the first minute. I trained well in Cremona because I knew I could leave in January. I’m not certain when, but I’m definitely ready.”

On possible future plans with Lazio, Valeri commented, “Frankly, I don’t know anything about this matter with Lazio. My agent handles it. I know that when the director approached me, I didn’t hesitate to say yes. It’s an excellent opportunity not just for improving my game, but for the team as well. I knew there’s a great team, and I chose Frosinone to attain safety in the league.”

Speaking about the team’s goal, he added, “Frosinone has been proving its worth this season. I can give my 200% — our target is survival, and nothing else should matter. I’ll do my best, despite the months I’ve been off the pitch which may have an impact. Even though I was sidelined in Cremona, I always trained my hardest. I might be out of match form initially.”

Asked about his preferred defensive play, he answered, “It doesn’t matter much to me, I’m ready to play wherever needed. I’ve played both 4 and 5 positions. I’ve even won some championships in the four-position formation. I prefer the four set-up as there’s a player ahead assisting me.”

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