Frosinone’s Turati shares his Nerazzurri faith: ‘Dreamt of a lifetime match with Inter’

Frosinone’s goalkeeper, Stefano Turati, recently opened up about his unwavering passion for Nerazzurri in an interview with Sportweek. But his revelations went much beyond just that.

The young shot-stopper lit up when he spoke about an incident involving the final of the Coppa Italia. Apparently, he had informed his then-coach, Grosso, about his plans to watch the finale. “I wanted to go to Milan for the Champions’ derby too. For Milan-Inter and Inter-Milan, I won’t be there!” he had told Grosso, who had laughed it off, not expecting Turati’s claim to be serious. Regrettably, since Frosinone hadn’t been promoted to Serie A by then, Turati was not granted permission. He ended up settling for the second leg.

However, when Frosinone faced Inter, Turati was determined to put up the performance of a lifetime. “The most emotional moment was the warm-up, with the Nord in front of me. I’ve spent years in the stands, my friends are there,” developing an admirable connection with the club. “I used to be one of the seventy-five thousand, and now I’m one of the twenty-two,” he said in awe of his situation. According to Turati, his nerves only subsided once the game kicked off.

Turati’s remarkable journey from the stands to the pitch is a testament to his love for his club and his dedication to the sport, marking him out as one to watch in the world of football. Rest of the interview’s excerpts can be accessed in INTERNEWS24.

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