Frosinone’s Angelozzi Declines to Discuss Huijsen, Prefers to Move On

At the press conference introducing Kevin Bonifazi, Technical Area Manager Guido Angelozzi from Frosinone spoke highly of their new signing.

“We’re here to introduce Kevin Bonifazi,” Angelozzi began, indicating how much the club valued the player. He remarked that Frosinone had made an effort to sign Bonifazi over the summer, but it had not initially been possible.

He mentioned, “You know our policy focuses on young players and project sustainability.” Frosinone had considered another young player but were simultaneously in talks with Bonifazi and his agent.

The Technical Area Manager expressed gratitude towards Bonifazi for his sacrifices. “I am grateful to Kevin because he accepted a cut in his salary to join us,” Angelozzi stated.

The club also received a helping hand from Bologna, from whom Bonifazi was transferred. Angelozzi said, “Bologna also helped us and I thank them too”. Before signing for Frosinone, two mid-table teams were interested in the young player; however, both Bologna and Bonifazi decided against these offers.

When asked about Huijsen, another player linked previously with the club, Angelozzi decided not to delve into the topic, preferring instead to shift the focus back to Kevin. “I don’t want to discuss Huijsen anymore, I prefer to think about boys like Kevin who gave up something to come here,” Angelozzi stated, signifying the club’s forward outlook and their commitment to their newly signed players.

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