Frosinone: Updates on Reinier and Lirola’s conditions ahead of Torino clash

Frosinone has released an update on the condition of its injured players, including Reinier and Lirola, as they prepare for their next Serie A fixture against Torino.

The update was posted following a morning training session at the ‘Benito Stirpe’ stadium. The club statement reads, “Today’s session focused on technical-tactical drills and set pieces. Lirola took part in group training while Marchizza underwent treatment. Mazzitelli and Reinier were on personalised training programs, and Kalaj trained separately. The team is scheduled to have their final session tomorrow morning at the ‘CittĂ  dello sport’ in Ferentino”.

Although the statement does not elaborate on the specifics of each player’s condition, it is clear that the club is using a variety of approaches to prepare the squad for their upcoming match against Torino.

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