Frosinone, Romagnoli: We were all written off, but now…

Frosinone’s defender, Simone Romagnoli, has shared his thoughts on the post-match events following their goalless draw against Torino. In his interview with Sky Sport, Simone underpinned the challenging aspects of the game.

Romagnoli conveyed his thoughts, remarking, “It was a challenging ending especially due to some fatigue.” He stressed that, despite the demanding nature of the match, his team maintained dominance even during the central part of the second half. The important thing for them, according to him, was to always stay in the game and deliver good performances.

Insinuating the odds were initially against them, Simone stated, “At the starting blocks, everyone ranked us last in the grid, yet we always trusted in our work.” He took the time to acknowledge the pivotal role of the coach’s recommendations. He conveyed that such guidance was convincing and provided the team with a much-needed boost at the onset of the season. The source of Simone’s quotes is his post-match interview with Sky Sport.

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