Frosinone, Di Francesco exasperated: More goals conceded in 15 minutes than rest of the match

Frosinone’s coach, Eusebio Di Francesco, has voiced his frustration following his side’s match against Lazio, in a post-match interview with Sky Sport.

When discussing the game, Di Francesco expressed his disappointment, particularly with how his team reacted after the score became 1-1. He felt that they gifted Lazio the second goal which shifted the game in Lazio’s favour.

He was quoted as saying, “it’s hard to explain why we lost ourselves after the 1-1 tie. We’ve gifted the second goal, which steered the game where they [Lazio] wanted it to go.”

Di Francesco’s agitation was clear as he discussing the fact that despite their solid performance for 70 minutes of play, Frosinone found themselves three goals down. He lamented, “we granted in 15 minutes what we hadn’t granted before.”

He expressed his regrets over the team’s performance, feeling that it was wasted through carelessness. His frustration was evident in his words when he said, “it annoys me…you can’t throw performances of this nature into the trash because of superficiality.”

However, he also acknowledged the dominance of the opposition team, admitting that, “if you encounter a team that dominates you from beginning to end, it’s okay to lose.” He still praised his team’s overall performance, stating that “the performance was excellent.”

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