Frosinone, Angelozzi on Soule: Juventus told us they couldn’t give him to us

Frosinone’s Sporting Director, Giudo Angelozzi, has been discussing various topics to ‘TV Play’, including conversations surrounding Matias Soulé.

Angelozzi conveyed his admiration for Soulé, tracing back to when the young player was part of Juventus’ second team. “I had seen him during a Juventus A-Juventus B game and immediately thought that (manager) Di Francesco would like him,” Angelozzi mentioned, “He’s a left footed player who tends to move centrally and possesses certain admirable traits.”

The discussion regarding Soulé’s transfer to Frosinone wasn’t straightforward, according to Angelozzi. The Sporting Director revealed that initially Juventus had ruled out a potential loan move due to ongoing negotiations with other clubs interested in Soulé. However, upon interacting with Nicolo Giuntoli in the stands, a suggestion was made for Frosinone to also consider Ignacio Barrenechea.

“I feared that Soulé wouldn’t come alone, so I decided to convince Barrenechea first, aware that they were good friends,” Angelozzi added. The Frosinone director also mentioned Di Francesco’s preference for Barrenechea’s style of football.

According to Angelozzi, Soulé’s talent hasn’t gone unnoticed, with significant interest from various clubs in Spain and Netherlands. Yet, despite this ongoing attention, Juventus has expressed satisfaction with the progress of both Soulé and Barrenechea, as well as Kaio Jorge at Frosinone.

Angelozzi remains confident that the players will stay until at least June, saying, “Juventus has told us that they are very happy with the path both players and Kaio Jorge are on, so I’m convinced that they will stay until June. As for what happens beyond that, we’ll have to wait and see.”

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