Frattesi after Inter Verona: We never give up

In the aftermath of Inter versus Hellas Verona, Inter’s midfielder, Davide Frattesi, interacted with the media and shared his thoughts about the match.

Frattesi, speaking to Dazn in a post-match interview, was particularly glowing about the team spirit within his squad.
“We have a fantastic group. Everyone, even those who don’t play regularly, feels significant,” said the Inter midfielder.

Recounting his exuberation, which saw him cling onto the fencing after a goal, Frattesi revealed a little rueful humour. “I really wanted to celebrate more intensely, but I would have got a warning,” he noted.

When questioned about his goal, Frattesi described the moment as a flitting flashback to Lautaro’s strike against Sociedad, “I just threw myself and then I was lucky.”

On facing a tough period with his game time, the midfielder admitted that he is now handling the situation better. He brought attention to his style of play as a dynamic midfielder, saying that his recent goal has boosted his confidence.

Frattesi also expressed his intent to contribute even more to the team and seemed to send out a subtle message to Inter’s rivals. “Sure, the toughest games to win are the dirty ones. I’ve never fought for these objectives but I believe that is the key,” he concluded.

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