Former referee Estrada Fernandez reveals shock admission: “There is an unexpected second Var room” in Spain.

Spain, shock revelation from former referee Estrada Fernandez: here’s what he said about VAR in Iberian championships. Former referee Estrada Fernandez denounces the existence of a second VAR room in the Iberian championships. The statements were reported by Tuttosport.

THE WORDS – “There is a room that has been used for several years by the Committee. In the VAR room, there are technicians and operators of the so-called hawk-eye, the VOR room is an operational room that is not provided for in the Federation statutes, nor in the VAR protocol, nor in our employment contracts. Starting from the 2021/22 season and in the 2022/2023 season, this other room was created without publicly explaining it to either La Liga or the clubs. It is clear that there is communication between them, but they should be the ones to explain it. As for the camera in the VAR room, we were told that all audio is recorded, except for the one that comes from the operational room to the referee at VAR.”

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