Foggia, Canonico: Future coaching role for De Zerbi anticipated here

Emanuele Canonico, the vice president of Italian football club Foggia, has discussed his telephone conversation with Roberto De Zerbi, current manager of Brighton and Hove Albion and a former player and manager of Foggia. His remarks came during an interview on the local broadcaster “Telefoggia’s” show “Il Pallone in Poltrona”.

Recalling their conversation,last year, Canonico revealed, “We spoke for an hour on the phone. He truly supports Foggia. He said he was honored to have received the call.”

Canonico praised De Zerbi for his performance at Brighton this season, expressing his hope that De Zerbi would succeed in his endeavours. The Foggia VP also speculated that the Brighton manager would return to Foggia one day, perhaps in ten years’ time.

He expressed “I am sure that, not today, but in ten years, he will come back to Foggia.”

However, he also acknowledged that De Zerbi’s focus is, rightly, on his current role at Brighton, where he is doing an ‘excellent job’.

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