Focolari: Lazio’s manoeuvres giving me liver cirrhosis

After the recent draw against Verona, respected journalist Furio Focolari shared his thoughts on Lazio’s performance this season, expressing concern for the future of the club.

Speaking to Radio Radio, Focolari expressed alarm at Lazio’s inability to capitalize on their numerical superiority during the game against Verona. “The most embarrassing thing is to see that Lazio was numerically superior at the 77th minute, meaning if Lazio in 13 minutes plus 5, 18 minutes, is not able to create an opportunity against Verona who plays with 10, I am seriously worried,” he said.

Focolari was not merely concerned about the team’s recent results but also expressed worry about the future prospects of the squad. He stated that Lazio had started well in the game, however, this isn’t the first time such a promising start has failed to deliver results.

The repeated occurrence of this scenario is what seems to worry Focolari the most. He suggested that the team needs to demonstrate more than just strong starts, implying a lack of a winning mentality or adequate planning for the entire duration of the match.

Focolari’s remarks point towards his discontent and worry with the current state of Lazio’s performance, stating, “This team is a team that has no future.” He stresses that the team needs to show more initiative, particularly when they have a numerical advantage in a game.

This critical assessment of Lazio’s performance this season by Focolari is indicative of the growing concerns among observers of the club’s inability to build on opening advantages and to seize opportunities in gameplay.

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