Fiorentina’s Pradè: No need for changes in January market

Following Fiorentina’s win against Torino, the club’s Sporting Director, Daniele Pradè, has reflected on the match, expressing his satisfaction with the team’s performance in an interview with the club’s official channels.

Pradè hailed the significance of the triumph, recounting the struggle during the first 35 minutes of the game before his team managed to pull through. “The team is mature and knows what it takes to win,” he said.

The sporting director went on to speak about the amazing games previously played by Fiorentina but admitted they had little to show for them. He praised the current combativeness of the squad and said present successes can be credited to the hard work put in by the players so far.

Pradè was also questioned about potential dealings in the transfer market. However, he played down the need for new additions to the squad, saying, “We don’t need to fix anything with the transfer market.”

The sporting director did acknowledge the difficulties faced by the club due to player injuries but expressed optimism about the recovery of footballer Dodò, who he praised for his strong comeback.

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