Fiorentina’s Pradé: ‘Nico usually has a high pain threshold’

Fiorentina’s Sporting Director, Daniele Pradè, has spoken out following the club’s draw against Ferencvaros in the Europa Conference League.

In the club’s official channels, Pradè spoke plainly about the match’s result and the unexpected incident that slightly marred the evening. He said, “We have reached our goal, which is what we had set out to do from the start.”

Pradè then went on to discuss the unfortunate injury sustained by Lucas Gonzalez during the match. “The evening was somewhat marred by the injury to Gonzalez. He felt a sharp pull, and he is someone who has a high pain threshold. We hope it isn’t as serious as it seemed on the pitch,” he added.

The full impact of Gonzalez’s injury will become clearer in the coming days. The player’s condition and potential steps for recovery will undoubtedly have an effect on Fiorentina’s game plan moving forward in the Conference League.

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