Fiorentina’s Micah Richards: I was Salah’s driver

Micah Richards, former defender for Fiorentina among others, and currently a well-regarded analyst for CBS, offered an anecdote about his time with Mohammed Salah in Florence while talking to the 5Livesports podcast.

He stated that, effectively, he acted as Salah’s chauffeur, “He lived on a street close to me and asked me, ‘How do you go to training? Could you accompany me?’ He needed to be picked up, taken there and brought back every time, even waiting out his long massages because he had become a king after scoring in four consecutive matches.”

Richards added a funny incident demonstrating Salah’s popularity among fans at the time. “Once we were leaving the sports centre in the car and fans came towards me when they saw me, then they saw Salah and circled the car to get to him,” recounted the Fiorentina’s ex-defender on the podcast.

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