Fiorentina’s Italiano: We’ve deserved more in the past and got less, but today…

Fiorentina coach Vincenzo Italiano had a lot to say following his side’s encounter against Verona. He made his comments during a press conference, as reported by TMW.

Italiano began by acknowledging that goal keeper Terracciano had a mixed performance in the opening minutes. “Terracciano both made the fair and the foul weather in the first few minutes,” Italiano stated.

The coach did not hesitate to admit that there was an evident level of fatigue among the players. This is the first time they have shown signs of tiredness according to Italiano. He had anticipated tough competition from Verona, especially considering they were adopting a new system of play.

Italiano elaborated further revealing, “They were serving high balls to Djuric, which wouldn’t allow you to press.” In response, Fiorentina attempted to shift the momentum in their favour.

Touching on the performance of two key players, Italiano highlighted that the play of Lopez and Nzola was not a failure by any means, but rather a challenge the team faced.

The fiery Italian concluded with a mixture of relief and satisfaction, stating “On other occasions, we’ve deserved and not collected, today we take three points.”

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