Fiorentina’s Barone Lauds Bonaventura as a Serious Professional

In the moments leading up to the commencement of Torino vs Fiorentina, Fiorentina’s General Manager, Joe Barone, shared his thoughts on Sky Sport.

Commenting on Giacomo Bonaventura, Barone lauded his professedly serious professionalism. He stated, “Bonaventura’s celebration? He’s a very serious professional and we’re happy with his journey here. He’s been with us for many years and has rediscovered the national team. Then, during the transfer market, there are plenty of ups and downs and he has a unique renewal, set to be triggered when he’s participated in 70% of the matches. We hope he gets there, but we are like a family and are open to discussing each player’s future. Yet, let me reiterate, we’re delighted with his conduct and rely on him to achieve our aspirations.”

Barone’s words clear the air about Bonaventura’s future at Fiorentina, establishing strong support for the player and the vital role he plays within the squad.

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