Fiorentina reportedly shows interest in Lecce’s Falcone; Palladino makes a request and details emerge on potential deal

The Fiorentina club is actively seeking a reliable goalkeeper to support their first-choice, Terracciano.

Christensen has not fully convinced the club management with his performances this season.

According to a report in Repubblica, Palladino has identified Lecce’s Falcone as the primary choice for this role.

An insider from Fiorentina stated, “We need a dependable alternative to Terracciano, and Falcone fits the profile perfectly,” as quoted by Repubblica.

Discussions between Lecce and Fiorentina are said to be ongoing, with a specific transfer fee yet to be finalised.

Another source close to the negotiations revealed, “Lecce has been clear about their valuation of Falcone, and we are working towards an agreeable figure.”

This potential move could solidify Fiorentina’s defensive lineup, addressing the current gaps observed this season.

Following the completion of Christensen’s loan spell, the club is looking to make significant adjustments to maintain competitive form.

Fans are eagerly awaiting further updates, hoping that the potential acquisition of Falcone will bolster their chances in upcoming matches.

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