Fiorentina: New Developments on Arthur’s Buy-back in Football Transfer Market

In the transfer window speculation, Fiorentina is reportedly uncertain about the permanence of midfielder Arthur, according to La Nazione. The Italian club is deliberating over whether to redeem the player.

While Arthur indubitably possesses critical attributes for the Violet, his recent injuries and the resulting costs could potentially alter the club’s decision. The asking price of 20 million is viewed as quite hefty.

Although the desirable qualities of the player for the club cannot be underestimated, the concerns about his health and the consequent costs it may accrue is leading to a lot of indecision. The club’s management team continue to consider all factors before making a final decision regarding the player’s future.

As the transfer window continues to unfold, only time will tell whether Fiorentina will take the gamble on Arthur and his fitness levels, in what could possibly be a game-changing decision for the Serie A side.

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