Fiorentina, Italiano: Unbelievable 2023, From Losers to Holding Our Own

Fiorentina’s coach, Vincenzo Italiano, shared some impressions with Dazn about the match against Torino.

“It’s been an incredible 2023, we have played 64 games which is a mammoth number,” he stated. Italiano described the year as having seen the team reach their objectives, gain points, encounter disappointments, and it concluded with a hard-earned victory.

Italiano went on to detail how they made some improvements in the second half, and the goal rewarded their perseverance. “Compared to before, we manage to hold up now”, he stated, indicating an elevated performance from his team.

Italiano also highlighted that his team has adopted a more pragmatic approach, focusing on getting results, noting that “it’s a ranking we want to enjoy”.

In reference to the team’s defensive challenges, the Fiorentina coach explained that they were conceding too many goals, as a high number of players weren’t actively partaking in the game when they weren’t in possession, hence moving away from the risky phase.

Italiano praised the squad’s recent sacrifices and defensive pullback, expressing that “this is allowing us to concede fewer goals”.

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