Fiorentina, Italian: We absolutely must avoid the playoffs

Ahead of the clash against Ferencvaros, Fiorentina’s manager Vincenzo Italiano opened up in a press conference.

The Italian manager expressed the team’s ambition saying at the conference, “We care very much about finishing first in this group. We have two useful results so we want to avoid the playoffs.” Stating the source of this statement, he added that they were looking to improve on last season’s performance, which was challenging.

Italiano acknowledged the strength of their opposition, conceding that Ferencvaros had given them a tough match in the first leg. He suggested that in the crowded stadium, things could get intense.

The Fiorentina manager emphasized on the efforts to better their game, saying, “One always works to try to improve.” He stated their prime goal to win the group to avoid the double playoff with a team from the Europa League.

In a conclusive statement, Italiano stressed, “Tomorrow we must definitely play the match.” His hope suggests that they plan to capitalise on the double outcome of the game.

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