Fiorentina, Italian manager: We deserved at least a draw, expressing deep regret

Fiorentina’s coach, Vincenzo Italiano, expressed his feelings to Dazn following their away defeat to Sassuolo.

In his remarks, Italiano pointed out that they struggled with rhythm in the first half, which made the game not as good as they would have liked. In stark contrast to the first half performance, Italiano noted the team’s turnaround in the second half, stating, “We managed to create plenty of opportunities and often reached their area in a good position”.

Despite their visible improvement, he expressed regret that they couldn’t secure important points to boost their standings. “It’s a shame because these could have been important points for us and our fantastic league position,” he said.

Regarding the opposition, Italiano observed that Sassuolo remains a team with apparent quality and talent, and he recognised their strong start, disclosing, “We knew they would come out strong because they needed the points.”

While yielding to Sassuolo’s skill, Italiano stressed that his team deserved at least a draw. Discussing the penalty decisions, the Fiorentina boss unveiled the team’s penalty-taking hierarchy, “Nico is the first, but he wasn’t there. Bonaventura is one who knows how to take them but there are always 4-5 stopping to take them at the end of training.”

Addressing the team’s future plans, Italiano affirmed their commitment to keep improving, “We want to keep growing and getting better to stay in this league position. We need to score more, while we have improved tremendously at the back. We will work on areas where we know we can do better.”

He ended by offering comments on player Parisi: “We have tried the most advanced solution”.

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