Fiorentina, Galli at the Franchi: “Do not renovate that monstrosity”.

Giovanni Galli, regional councillor for Lega in Tuscany, has voiced his opinions on the potential renovations of the Franchi stadium. Speaking to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Galli expressed, “Renovating this stadium in this way would be a disgrace, even if it were completely covered. For me, it’s a disaster, money is being thrown away and nothing is being solved. Franchi constrained? I laugh because it has even been designated as a ‘high tourist attraction’, but I have never seen Japanese or Chinese tourists come to take photos with this architectural work. Let’s forget it. I believe the hypothesis that this facility could serve for football should be abandoned. It should be completely renovated and then a new stadium should be built elsewhere through a tender.”

Giovanni Galli’s strong words have sparked debate and controversy among football fans and officials alike. His views on the future of the Franchi stadium have reignited the conversation on the best course of action for the historic ground in Florence. It remains to be seen how his proposal will be received by the relevant authorities and whether it will influence the decision-making process.

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