Fiorentina: Decision Made on Nico Gonzalez, Says Italian Club

Fiorentina coach, Vincenzo Italiano, addressed the media on the eve of the team’s intense clash with Roma.

Speaking about the significance of the game for both teams, Italiano stated that they are equally poised towards the top end of the league table. The Fiorentina coach was reported saying, “The match is significant for both teams as we are competing at the top end of the league, and points from this game have implications for both teams.” He added by recognising that the team needs to maintain consistency, an attribute that has often been lacking.

Italiano also acknowledged that Roma draws inspiration from their environment and fans. He said, “We know Roma feeds off the energy of their surroundings and fans. Therefore, we need to demonstrate personality, character and a combative spirit. We must put them under pressure at every opportunity.” He insisted that while they are aware of Roma’s strengths, they must not neglect their own.

In reference to player Nico Gonzalez, Italiano confirmed his inclusion in the squad. He said, “Gonzalez is among those called up, he’s been doing differential training and has today accelerated. He’s in reasonable shape and hasn’t lost condition.” He was cautious about revealing more due to the demanding nature of their current schedule.

Vincenzo Italiano’s statements were made during a press conference on the eve of the match against Roma.

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