Fiorentina: Condition updates for Nico Gonzalez, Bonaventura and Sottil

In the latest developments at the Fiorentina training ground, crucial updates on the fitness levels of Riccardo Sottil, Bonaventura, and Nico Gonzalez have surfaced. The team trained at Viola Park where detailed assessments of player conditions were conducted.

Witnessed by Fiorentina’s medical team, Riccardo Sottil’s situation remains uncertain pending the results of his diagnostics on an issue with his left hamstring, as reported by

In a more positive turn of events, Giacomo Bonaventura has been able to train alongside the rest of the team, a hopeful sign that points towards his imminent return.

As for Nico Gonzalez, his recovery process continues on a mixed regimen, alternating between gym sessions and pool activities. This form of rehabilitation is often employed for players on the road to recovery.

Future updates regarding the complete health status and availability of these players are expected in the coming days. As of now, fans and team management alike will eagerly await the results of Sottil’s tests, hoping for positive news. Team Fiorentina will surely need a full-strength squad moving into their upcoming fixtures.

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