Fiorentina, Barone: Satisfied with squad, there will be no distractions

Before the kickoff of the match between Roma and Fiorentina, Fiorentina’s Sports Director, Joe Barone, had a discussion with DAZN.

In addressing the direct encounters, Barone said, “The atmosphere tonight is important. It’s a good game for us, full of intensity and attention to detail.” According to him, Fiorentina is convinced that there would be no distractions from the team in the match and showed their belief in their technological system and refereeing, claiming it to be one of the best in the world. He added that the team was ready to step onto the pitch and fight.

When asked about the Super Cup and the schedule, Barone expressed gratitude towards Saudi Arabia for the Super Cup but mentioned a few issues that required solution, particularly shifting the schedule. He addressed the heavy string of games still to be played and emphasised the need to avoid injuries while playing 60 matches in a season.

Speaking on the team, Barone voiced out his expectations for something more from the whole group, including the management and himself. He expressed satisfaction with the team and stated they were ready to intervene in the transfer market. He concluded saying “One step at a time and we are always prepared.”

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